Congregational Update March 13, 2020

  • All the nursing facilities are in lock-down and pastors are being cautioned to make visits only in emergencies so they don’t spread the virus around .
  • If you need a visit..or prayer.. Or if you want me to check in on someone… or you know someone who is anxious about leaving their home to get food etc please call my phone 24/7 at 262-510-3915.
  • We can get people food if they need it… We’ve always done this.
  • My phone number is has always been public.. It says on the website to call me 24/7.. People don’t have to be members to call.. This has always been my policy.. It’s not a response to the panic .. it’s just how I roll.. And it always will be..
  • Services on Sunday and Lenten meals/services will continue..
  • If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick.. stay home.
  • The offering plate won’t be will be placed by the door of the sanctuary..
  • We won’t shake hands during the sharing of the peace..we will wave..
  • We have plenty of space in the church so there is no need to sit too close.
  • We will commune using plastic cups and wafers..
  • Wash your hands often..
  • Pray to God and love your neighbor..
  • There is nothing to fear…the most dreadful thing that can happen is that we refuse to fulfill our calling..

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