Reflection for Tuesday August 13, 2019 – I thank you! and I thank God for you!

So Ive been talking with some folks this morning .. And I feel compelled to thank all of you who are fighting for your sanity by getting up this morning… clinging to the promises of God… and doing things like: putting one foot in front of another.. taking your meds.. doing your exercises.. reaching out to faithful .. sane.. sober.. and helpful people… reminding yourself of what is true good and beautiful in the eyes of God.. pursuing gentleness.. taking care of business as best you can even when you feel weak and heavy laden and every effort hurts …

The people around may not know what to say or do to help you in your struggle.. and some may even say superficial things… because they may not know you well or perhaps its because to acknowledge the depth of your struggle is to open their eyes to a deep darkness that can be disorienting to behold… but every step you take toward the Truth.. even if it seems small.. is a battle won! And some people are watching you closely.. and as hard as it may be to believe.. they are receiving strength from you .. and God is using you to prepare them for the battles they must face.. so I thank you …and I thank God for you!

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