How to see Jesus Christ in the Old Testament

I encourage your to listen to this podcast from Nancy Guthrie about how the Old Testament points to Christ. She does an excellent job walking through the following ways that Jesus is revealed in Genesis-Malachi:

  1. A problem that only Christ can solve (the curse, our inability to keep the law, our alienation from God)
  2. A promise only Christ can fulfill (blessing, presence of God with us)
  3. A need that only Christ can meet (salvation from judgment, life beyond death)
  4. A pattern or theme that only comes to resolution in Christ (kingdom, rest)
  5. A story that only comes to its conclusion through Christ (the people of God, creation/fall/redemption/consummation)
  6. A person who prefigures an aspect of who Christ will be or what he will do by analogy and/or contrast (Joseph, Moses, David)
  7. An event or symbol that pictures an aspect of who Christ will be or what he will do (ark, exodus, sacrifices)
  8. A revelation of the pre-incarnate Christ (wrestling with Jacob, commander of the Lord’s army)

You can listen to the podcast by going HERE.

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