Watch this powerful presentation from the 2019 No Regrets Conference

I encourage you to check out the videos from the 2019 No Regrets Conference. There were two platform speaker presentations that stood out for me this year:

The first was Going Through Hard Times by Bishop Walter Harvey from Parklawn Assembly of God Church in Milwaukee. I think he did a good job reminding us that “without testing there is no testimony”. He also highlighted the importance that God has placed on prayer as the means by which He will accomplish His will.

The second standout presentation, and my favorite, was titled Biblical Manhood, and it was given by Gordon MacDonald. This was one of the most thoughtful presentations I’ve ever seen on the importance of pouring our lives into other people. Gordon MacDonald is a famous preacher and author, and the gentle wisdom he displayed during his presentation reflects the kind of spiritual maturity that should be the goal of every man and woman who follows Jesus. If you only have time to listen to one of these presentations I would encourage you to listen to this one.

Click HERE to watch  Gordon MacDonald speak on Biblical Manhood


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