October November Newsletter

The October/November Newsletter has been emailed to everyone Saturday, September 29th and copies have been printed for those that did not receive the electronic version. As of this Sunday there will still a few left.

Those who cannot make it to church that the congregational care committee visits monthly will take newsletters to them. If you know someone who can not get to church regularly and would like to have a newsletter mailed to them please contact me via email, taduyser@gmail.com, or by phone 414-791-1720, with their information. I will compile a list and make sure they receive this and future newsletters.

Lloyd Wagener’s birthday was left off the October birthday list by mistake. His Birthday is October 20th. He will be 32 again! Sorry Lloyd. Also, Judy Sage and her husband, Louis, were listed as celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the last newsletter. I found out that was incorrect. They would have been married in the hospital the year they were born. I guess it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!! Well all kidding aside Judy and Louis  celebrated 34 years of wedded bliss. Sorry for missing that one.

Please if there are names misspelled or dates that are wrong let me know. You won’t hurt my feelings.  This is how it is listed in the church database. Get in contact with me to give me the corrected information and I will make it right. At the moment I am the keeper of the database. Now if it is grammar or misspelled words or the likes in the newsletter don’t share that with me as that is insulting and kind of moot at that point. 

If You would like me to email you a newsletter or did not receive a newsletter and have an email that means or google account is missing your email. I do not have the website and google synched up yet. So if you get this email but did not get the newsletter email ME TERRI DUYSER at taduyser@gmail.com so I can easily add you to that list and send you the newsletter.

Feedback is welcome.

  1. What do you like
  2. What do you not like
  3. What would you like to see in the newsletter
  4. Is there to much information
  5. Is there not enough information
  6. Is it easy/hard to read
  7. Are the committees well represented
  8. Would you like to see advertisements of members businesses
  9. Is every two months too many/not enough


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