June and July 2018 Newsletter

The long awaited newsletter should have arrived in everyone’s in box by now. Over 90 emails were sent out with only a small hand full being returned. If you did not receive a newsletter in your inbox this means we do not have your contact information. Please send an email to Terri Duyser at taduyser@gmail.com include you and your spouses, if you have one, full name with both of your date of births and anniversary date. along with your complete address and any children and their date of birth. This will allow us to update our records and promptly send you the current newsletter and all future newsletters.

The Zion newsletter will come out bi-monthly, making the next one due at the end of July. Please email Terri (taduyser@gmail.com) with comments; things you liked about this newsletter, things you did not like, articles you would like to see in future newsletters, if you would like to write an article, etc….

Your feedback and help will is important to the continued success of the Zion newsletter. So please get involved.


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