Thinking about visiting?

We hope you do! Here’s what you can expect.

You will be welcome and wanted. No matter what your background is with church and faith in Jesus.

Your kids will have a safe and great experience. Kids are really important to us, and our kids team is amazing.

We aren’t picky. There’s no dress code. Just wear clothes.

There will be a biblical sermon and worship. The whole service takes about 60 minutes.

We celebrate the Lord’ Supper twice a month. We welcome all baptized and prepared  followers of Jesus to join us in receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ. To learn more about how to prepare yourself to receive the sacrament by examining your heart, repenting of your sins, and recognizing Jesus’ real presence in the bread and wine, click HERE.

We would love to see you! If you have any questions, or concerns, please call the pastor at 262-510-3915 or by clicking HERE!