Our Windows

We are blessed to have several very beautiful stained glass windows that that celebrate some basic truths about the the Christian faith.

The IHS window

The IHS that you see in this window represents the first three letters in the name of Jesus.  In Greek, it looks like this: ΙΗΣΟΥΣ. Because English has no letter that looks like a sigma, S, the symbol adopts  the sound of the letter (S).

The IHS is written on a host or piece of bread that is that “hosts” the body and blood of Jesus in the sacrament  of Holy communion. The gold chalice represents the cup of wine that is the blood of Christ during the celebration of Holy Communion. Together these two symbols in the window draw our attention to the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

The circle around the chalice is a nimbus, which is a luminous halo used to identify God, Saint, or Angels in ancient Christian art. The twelve white “dots” or “jewels”  represent the Twelve Apostles.